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Don’t worry about, Don’t speak of doubt

2013 is coming to an end and as usual I find myself wondering whether I have achieved what I set out to do. The answer is a resounding NO. My goals ranged from losing weight to patents, from trying to convince big decision makers about ideas to getting out of my comfort zone. And I can see my friends sniggering at a few other things when they read this blog post. To all those friends I say “Die you people Die”.

But on a happy note, I have leads and that’s enough for now. And I have a quote for inspiration – “If you don’t fight feelings of giving up and cowering under pressure, you’re not doing anything worthwhile.” I am going to say this to myself a lot next year.

To all those reading this post and to those who aren’t – Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year to you!

I have a survey to create now. Till my next post. Bye.


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